Lady Gaga’s oh-so-avant-garde advertisement for rape! Poor thing didn’t get it released because of ‘bad management.’

P.S. Both the costar (Kelley) and director (Richardson) of this video have been accused of rape or preying on models, making the models engage in sexual activity with him when they are uncomfortable to do so.

A more in depth article on Kelley and some other famous rape culture stars:


One thought on “A little bit of rape culture for thought:

  1. lilmissburticus

    I don’t expect anything more from her. All of her “cutting edge” artistic direction from the past was absolutely ripped off from artists, and just…. Blegph. I do, however, have problems with people saying this song is “rapey.” Yes, r Kelley is rapey, but the lyrics, not rapey. Blurred lines, ok that is the epitome of a rapey song.


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